Metaphor Vision

Metaphor’s products and methodology significantly improve model based system development, operational model based simulation and model based implementation. By simplifying Model Based System Engineering (MBSE)  Metaphor enables much better system development and enables operational use of engineering information.

The Need

Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) holds the promise to increase the effectiveness of systems engineering through its life cycle. The current implementation of MBSE in industry is slow though various tools and approaches are offered for its implementation. The reasons given for low implementation of MBSE are the complexity of using and tailoring the UML tools for different stakeholders of the development cycle, the lack of catalogs of reusable assets, and the incapability to simulate the operational requirements. The methodology of Metaphor Vision and its software tools address this need.

Metaphor Builder

Metaphor Builder (MB) is a set of software components that enable to apply the Metaphor methodology MV-MBSE and simplify Model Based System Engineering leading to a better and more efficient development cycle.

MB consists of the following components:

  • Metaphor Builder Search and New (MBS&N)
  • Metaphor Builder Simulation (MBSim)
  • Metaphor Builder Requirements
  • Digital-Twin



Simplifying MBSE Tools

Metaphor Builder (MB) significantly simplifies the use of standard modelling products, such as Enterprise Architect (EA).

Simulating Operational Processes

MBSim enables requirements elicitation by simulating operational processes diagrams automatically from the modeling environment.

Requirements management

Enables requirements management processes within an MBSE model.


Enables using the engineering information as a source for managing autonomous entities, such as autonomous vehicles, airplanes, drones, trains.


Metaphor’s products customize the underlying UML tool for the specific customer methodology נט ודןמע profiling, patterns, and catalogs of reusable elements within the modeling environment.


Metaphor Vision MBSE (MV-MBSE) methodology supports the entire development and maintenance lifecycle of any system:

Operational Model (OM) to describe the requirements, the organization structure and behavior, once the system exists; System Model (SM) to describe architecture, services, components and communication of the system under development; Technical Model (TM) to describie the detailed technical specifications and code generation, if possible; and the Verification Model (VM) to describe verification integration labs, configurations and test cases.

Figure 1: The MV-MBSE Development Methodology Phases

Major Features

Customize the modeling environment

Using Domain Specific Languages (DSL), or UML Profiles, one may customize the terms used for proposing elements for the modeler using the diagram toolbox to the language used by the modeler, the icons that associate with the term and the required constraints.

Figure 2: MBSim Requirements Profile Example

Figure 3: MB Sim Requirements Toolbox and Diagram

Catalog and Catalog Lookup

Metaphor Builder provides the ability to build catalog of reusable elements, of any kind. The catalog may contain Requirements, Operational Processes, Components, Technical Services, Code Packages and Test Cases.
The Catalog has a lookup mechanism for searching “similar” catalog elements when trying to create them in any diagram.

Figure 4: Catalog of Reusable Elements and Its Search Mechanism

And, if the search is unsuccessful …

Use Patterns for new model elements

Predefined modeling patterns are used for defining all structures of new modeling elements. A new model element can be, for example, a new utility component or an Instance of an existing component (“Instance” Option).

Figure 5: the New Mechanism

Metaphor Builder Operational Simulation (MBSim)

MBSim Goal

The goal of operational processes simulation is to improve requirements. Wrong originating and derived requirements is a major obstacle for system development. Finding “bugs” at the requirements definition phase may solve significant resources for any system development.

Simulation Definitions

The Operational Model (OM) elements are the entire set of elements for the simulation behavioral definitions.

Figure 6: Simulation Definitions as Activity Diagram of an Operational Process (OP)
Figure 7: Database Definition as Object Model

Simulation Execution

The simulation execution environment is a Unity tool with our catalog of reusable simulative objects.


Israeli Defense Industries

Modeling of systems using MB and MBSim.


Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

  • As a tool for modeling the systems within a research.
  • As a subject for research on the MBSE concept.


Metaphor decided to establish its development office in the Druze village – Horfaish. The decision came after Eiad Bader, Hurfaish inhabitant and Arkiya Captain, joined the company as a shareholder.

Figure 9: The Druze Community and Hurfaish


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